Our Clients Love Their Results.

Olathe Holistic has grown from Deann Czaplewski's one-woman rehabilitative massage studio, Better Naturally (est. 2018), 

to the wellness collective, Olathe Holistic, which opened in 2021. Olathe Holistic's group of trained, 

licensed, and certified practitioners provide clients with a true holistic approach to their health and well-being

by utilizing one or more team members who consult together to optimize the best plan for success. 

I've had great relief for my frozen shoulder thanks to Deann Czaplewski's great technique.

As a result, I continue to improve my range of motion and reduce pain. I'm also confident that regular sessions with Deann will also help me prepare for easier recoveries from both of my upcoming shoulder surgeries.

- Chris H.

We met with Hannah Lareau serval times and highly recommend her!

Hannah is compassionate, and gentle, with no shaming, yet honest. She taught us to consider the idea of our lives being supported by multiple columns...mental, emotional, relational, etc. If one

is "off," the whole platform

gets off balance.

- Margaret T.

After several sessions with

Scott Moreland, my pain level dropped so significantly that my whole life has changed.

I had struggled with severe neck pain for over 14 years. No more just struggling to get through

the day. Now I am ready to

see what's next.

- Liz D.

I have had back issues since my early twenties due to athletics. It had gotten progressively worse to the point that I needed to use a lumbar ice pack any time I was going to sit for more than 5-10 minutes. After only a short time with Peggy Welkner, I no longer need that ice pack. Peggy is

keenly observant and designs individual programs based on needs. She pays attention to detail. Under her discerning eye, I became stronger and more flexible. She knew exactly what

I needed!  She is amazing!

-Ruth W.

At just 25 years old, I came to Laura McKaig with pretty much every hallmark of chronic
pelvic pain syndrome.

The internet scared me into thinking I’d never see the end of it, but Laura was the light at the end of the tunnel, and there is an end! Working with Laura, my quality of life is better now than it was even before the issues started.

- Garrett D.

Deann Czaplewski used the Dolphin Neurostim on my scars after I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. Since my treatments, my scars are smooth and not raised as they were before. They are lighter in color than they were prior to the treatments as well. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with scars. It is painless and has long-lasting benefits. 

-Shelley M.