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Sometimes it helps to have an objective guide to help navigate and sort through life's ups and downs.

Life provides many experiences that can be beautiful, confusing, and/or traumatic, often at the same time.

Through Let's Process Life, I help couples, families, and individuals explore and address their whole selves in order to unblock trauma and face what is holding them back from personal growth, contentment,

and peace in their lives. 


Once someone is able to put a beginning, middle, and end to a life experience, the brain is able to process it, heal, and move forward.

Danene Smith MS, LCMFT

I'm a Licensed Clinical Marriage Family Therapist (LCMFT)

who cares deeply about my clients' well-being. My goal is to

assist my clients in working through and processing life's ups and downs, as well as the confusions and complications most everyone faces sometime in their life.


My therapy services include Marriage Therapy, Pre-Marriage Therapy, Family Therapy, and Individual Therapy.

My own life experiences and educational training brought me to where I am today and have inspired me to help others face and overcome their own life challenges.

Client Success Stories...

"Danene is both trustworthy and likable. She provides a safe space and listens without judgment.
She is easy to talk to and v
ery down to earth. She genuinely cares about her patients and in addition
to providing tools to work through issues encourages others to be their best selves."

- Female client

Let's work together to work things out.
Here's how to get started.

We'll review your concerns and then set up your first appointment

and/or schedule a series of appointments to begin your healing process.

Marriage | Pre-Marriage | Family Therapy | Individual Therapy

Call me to set up a 15-minute free consultation at 913-904-4139

My Appointment Availability:

AM/PM - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday


My Rates:

I offer a sliding-scale rate based on financial need.

Cash, credit card, or FSA/HSA card are all accepted for payment at the time of service.



I accept Kansas Medicaid. For potential reimbursement from other insurers, I can print a statement for you to submit. This does not guarantee reimbursement from your insurance company.

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