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Pelvic Floor Therapy for men and women in Olathe, Kansas
We Help Men and Women Get Control Over Leakage, Pain, Or Other Problems "DOWN THERE."

People We Help Include:

Active seniors and grandparents who do not want to wear adult diapers for the rest of their lives

   and are ready to take back their dignity.​

Men who have survived prostate cancer but are left to deal with the side effects of leakage,

  sexual dysfunction, or pain on their own, with little to no resources. 

Veterans who have served our country with honor but now find themselves embarrassed by

   lack of bladder or bowel control, pain during or after sex, or being held in the grip of

   pain “down there."

Frustrated husbands and dads who are tired of their private pain or dysfunction ruining the

   time they want to enjoy with their wives and children.​​

Women over 40 who are noticing the start of leakage, urgency, or prolapse, and do not want

   to end up having serious incontinence problems like their mothers or grandmothers.

Busy moms who want to stay fit and active after childbirth, and want to take the time and effort

   needed to recover well after the baby is born.

Survivors of colorectal cancer or other abdominal or pelvic surgeries, who also have been 

   given little to no guidance on how to get their bodies moving normally again and get back to the

   activities they love.

Active men and women who realize that leakage, weakness, or pain “down there” during

   exercise not only hinders their workouts, but it is also a warning sign to be taken seriously, and

   they are ready to do something about it.

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