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Pelvic Floor Therapy for men and women in Olathe, Kansas
We Can Help You
Regain Control
Over Leakage, Pain,
Or Other Problems

Laura McKaig

Physical TherapistMaster Clinician - Pelvic Dysfunction

Help for Women of Any Age

Help for Men of Any Age

Do you recognize yourself? We can help you.

• Active men and women...

who realize that leakage, weakness,

or pain “down there” during exercise

not only hinders their workouts, and

they are ready to do something about it.

• Prostate cancer survivors...
who are left to deal with the side effects of leakage, sexual dysfunction, or pain on their own, with little or no resources. 

• Busy moms...

who want to stay fit and active after childbirth, and want to take the time and effort needed to recover well after the baby is born.

• Women over 40...

who are noticing the start of leakage, urgency, or prolapse, and don't want to end up having serious incontinence like their mothers or grandmothers.

• Active seniors and grandparents...

who don't want to wear adult diapers for the rest of their lives and are ready to take back their dignity.​

• Veterans who've served our country...

who now find themselves embarrassed by lack of bladder or bowel control, pain during or after sex, or being held in the grip of pain “down there."

• Survivors of colorectal cancer or abdominal & pelvic surgeries... 

who also have been given little to no guidance on how to get their bodies moving normally again and get back to the activities they love.

• Frustrated husbands and dads...

who are tired of their private pain or

dysfunction ruining their enjoyment

of time with their wives and children.​​

Client Success Stories...

"At just 25 years old, I came to Laura McKaig with pretty much every hallmark of chronic pelvic pain syndrome. The internet scared me into thinking I’d never see the end of it, but Laura was the light at the end of the tunnel, and there is an end! Working with Laura, my quality of life is better now than it was even before the issues started."

- Garrett, age 25

"Laura has a gift for demystifying the perimenopausal woman’s bladder! She provides insight on how to really honestly assess how your bladder is working in your daily life, see where it might be limiting you from what you want to do, and then shows you simple strategies to make changes for big improvement. Laura is able to bring humor and grace into her effective teaching, removing any shame or stigma surrounding bladder issues. She empowers her clients with the knowledge and tips to live happily again with their bladders!

- Erin, age 53

"Laura has helped me (and my husband) tremendously! I was having painful sex for months and after several OBGYN visits with no physical improvement, I decided to get help from Laura and try pelvic floor PT. Laura was so kind and talked me through treatments with great care and concern -- especially for something that can be really awkward! I have learned how to take care of my "whole person" and am more aware of how to relax and better treat my body.  Laura has not only helped me heal but has taught me how to continue my healing into everyday life after I'm no longer a patient."

Arianna, age 25

"I went to see Laura for chronic tailbone pain. She has been so incredibly helpful to me; I went from not being able to sit for even one minute to being able to resume all normal activities, including weightlifting, without pain. She didn't just treat me, she taught me throughout the process how to adjust the mechanics of what I was doing to reduce symptoms, as well as explain why I was having symptoms and then treat them. It was refreshing to work with a provider whose response to my chronic pain wasn't, "well just stop working out" and rather was, "let's figure out how to make this work. I recommend her to anyone, male or female, with any sort of pelvic floor symptoms, and especially to veterans who have healthcare through the VA!"

- Beth, age 33

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