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Rehabilitative Physical Therapy in Olathe, Kansas

Don't Accept Pain.

Life happens, the body hurts, and we

move on. Each injury leaves us with a little

more pain and a little less motion.

We attribute this to "growing old,"

that "old injury," or that "old accident."

We accept that this is the way things are.

It does not have to be that way.

Scott Moreland
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Gently and painlessly decompress  neck pain and body pain in Olathe, Kansas
Counterstrain physical therapy in Olathe, Kansas

What is Counterstrain?

Our bodies have a remarkable ability to heal if given the chance. I focus on removing the tension and inflammation that builds with everyday life, traumatic injuries, and surgeries. The majority of my individualized treatments employ a method called Fascial Counterstrain (FCS).

FCS is an innovative system of soft tissue manipulation that allows me to identify the areas

of the body that are inflamed. Once identified, I use anatomical knowledge and informed touch to

gently and painlessly decompress that tissue and restore the body to normal.

Soft tissue manipulation to reduce inflammation in Olathe, Kansas
Client Success Stories...

"After several sessions with Scott, my pain level dropped so significantly that my whole life changed for the better. I had struggled with severe neck pain for over 14 years. No more just struggling to get through the day. Now I am ready to see what's next."

- Liz D.

 I was in so much pain when I visited you and now I am feeling fine. I can do all my daily activities without pain. You taught me a series of exercises that help me to keep free of pain.  Also, my computer and chair set up at my office is better now. Thanks for the recommendations... I especially appreciate that you always continue to learn new methods of treating patients. You are an excellent professional who truly cares about his patients. Muchas gracias!

- Sofia P.

"I cannot express my gratitude for having Scott as my physical therapist, and really caring about me. He has helped my legs so much. It seems like it's just clicked together. I have not been this mobile in years. My kids are so happy to know I don't have the pain I used to have... I just wanted you to know how you have changed my life."

- Karen T.

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