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I Can Help You Regain Your Independence, Starting Now.

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I received my doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Creighton University and through my field therapy work in home health therapy and at the VA, I've helped hundreds of seniors regain independence and the confidence to navigate the activities of daily living.

I can work with all ages, and will also recommend adaptations and tools to make those activities safer and easier
to manage.

  Sarah Worley, OTD, OTR/L

There's no need to compromise the life you want to lead.

I focus on empowering physically-challenged and neurocognitively-challenged individuals of all ages by helping them develop individualized plans to return to the daily routines that bring flow and enjoyment back to life.


Whether these challenges result from dementia, a traumatic brain injury, stroke, ADHD, and/or Autism, I help my clients identify the physical and cognitive tools they need to master daily living skills.

As part of my work, I also recommend and develop adaptive equipment to help overcome specific challenges and keep you safe in all of your environments.

Client Success Stories...

I highly recommend Sarah as an experienced and knowledgeable Occupational Therapist. I have personally seen Sarah take care of patients, including my dad and husband.  During a family visit, she actively responded to their needs and knew exactly what to do to make my parents healthier and more comfortable. Sarah's interaction with people is phenomenal and she is also very caring and patient.

- Lauraine 

Sarah has helped me a great deal. I’ve developed a great deal of arthritis and have had 5 hand surgeries over the years. With Sarah’s help, I have been able to keep working with my hands. She’s shown me exercises, stretches, and has assisted me in finding splints to help my hands at night. Because of this help and guidance, my pain is much better. My tightness in my hands and grip strength have improved. She is kind, open to new ideas, flexible, and encouraging. I’ve worked with a lot of OTs over the years and I can say she knows her stuff. 

- Gennifer

Sarah began working with my husband when he came home from the hospital with extreme weakness from a degenerative nerve disease.  She was very professional in her approach to my husband.  She spent a lot of time determining his abilities and his goals.  She showed great empathy and spent a lot of time explaining exercises and their purpose to him and me.  She set up a time for her next visit and we look forward to working with her to help my husband to gain movement and strength in his arms and hands.

- Carolyn

I’ve found consulting with Sarah Worley incredibly helpful. I am the primary caregiver for my 86-year-old husband who has Parkinson’s Disease. While we regularly visit with his Neurologist and primary care physician and can call them if we need assistance, we also see her on a regular basis, and she often provides helpful advice. For instance, she emphasized the importance of strengthening my husband’s core through exercises to help with his balance. Sarah also demonstrates methods of providing help to keep him safe when he is in motion. And I recently consulted her when I was considering getting a lift chair. She advised waiting until it was really needed so that he maintains muscle tone. I consider Sarah a keystone of medical care.

- Katherine 

Sarah currently accepts private pay, but she will soon be accepting Medicare. Be sure to ask me about this when you make your appointment.

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