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Therapeutic Hypnosis & Somatics Therapy
with Tiffany Downing
• Accepting clients of all ages 
• In-Person and Virtual sessions available
• Free phone consultations prior to booking
• Available Tuesday through Saturday
Specializing in
Therapeutic Hypnosis & Somatics Therapy

Tiffany Downing

Certified Professional Hypnotist 

Somatics Therapy Facilitator

Owner of The Path Less Taken 

When most people think of hypnosis, they typically picture a stage show with someone dangling a watch in front of the subject's eyes, and then asking them to cluck like a chicken. But hypnosis in a clinical setting led by a trained and certified hypnotist is far different.

In a clinical setting, however, hypnosis is much more like a deep, relaxing meditation, one in which you are able to tap into your subconscious and use the hypnotist's suggestions to create new responses to old triggers and manifest lasting change.

The most important element of therapeutic hypnosis is that YOU must WANT to change. There is no magic to what I do. When I help my clients move into a deeper level of consciousness, they gain the power to face fears, deal with negative behaviors and thoughts, and begin to live the life they deserve.

What is Somatics Therapy?

Somatics Therapy ties in beautifully with hypnosis. It regulates the nervous system by bringing awareness to the ways we respond to life. Somatics helps to shift old patterns of behavior, habits, and reactions to trauma that

no longer serve a beneficial purpose. You can think of somatics as a conversation that allows the conscious mind to speak to the subconscious mind, and instead of words, it focuses on the five channels of awareness that we all experience life through; The Mind, The Imagination, The Body, Inner Sensations, and The Emotions.

Client Success Stories...

My hypnosis session went great. I already feel better. I received the inner help I needed to push even more

past what blocks me from finding myself, and success. Not just in business, but in my inner being. If any one

of you is at all interested, please talk with Tiffany! Believe me, it will help YOU! It will be in steps, but it will help!

- B.K.

Hey Tiffany, I wanted to let you know I tried a new dance class last night, and halfway through it something switched in my brain. Instead of trying so hard mentally I was able to get more into my body and just have more flow and ease and fun with it which is really the point in the first place. I feel like the Hypnosis was able to shift something with me. So thank you!

- E.L.

Tiffany started out as my massage therapist and I was very interested in giving hypnosis a try when she started that as well.   I have to admit I was skeptical as to what effects I would get out being hypnotized but now I am completely sold.  I started seeing results of less anxiety, sleeping better and keeping my thoughts together.  I have gifted a few sessions and will continue sessions for myself and recommend it to anyone who would like to experience self care, and some healing from within.

- M.J.C.

Thank you, Tiffany, for creating a special Minecraft hypnosis session for my son, E. He was overjoyed with his session. He told me all about it on the drive home. Thanks for helping him build his self-confidence and self-esteem back up! If anyone has a child needing this type of help, I highly recommend reaching out to her. She has helped E and I both with her beautiful energy and hypnotic voice. It’s so relaxing and refreshing!

- M.B.

Had my first hypnotherapy appointment Tuesday to deal with all the stress from R’s illness. It was one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever done, and after just one session, I’ve found it easier to steer my anxious thoughts to positive ones. Looking forward to having another session soon. I highly recommend Tiffany Downing.

- R.S.

Do you have questions? Reach out to me via email: 
I promise to reply quickly.

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