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Therapeutic Hypnosis with Tiffany Downing
• Accepting clients of all ages 
• Virtual sessions available
• Free phone consultations prior to booking
• Available Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays

Tiffany Downing

Certified Professional Hypnotist and Owner of

The Path Less Taken

When most people think of hypnosis, they typically picture a stage show with someone dangling a watch in front of the subject's eyes, and then asking them to cluck like a chicken. But hypnosis in a clinical setting led by a trained and certified hypnotist is far different.

In a clinical setting, however, hypnosis is much more like a deep, relaxing meditation, one in which you are able to tap into your subconscious and use the hypnotist's suggestions to create new responses to old triggers and manifest lasting change.

The most important element of therapeutic hypnosis is that YOU must WANT to change. There is no magic to what I do. When I help my clients move into a deeper level of consciousness, they gain the power to face fears, deal with negative behaviors and thoughts, and begin to live the life they deserve.

Questions? Reach out to me via email: 
I promise to reply quickly.

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