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Custom Orthotics for Pain Relief & Proper Gait Will Change Your Life!

As the owner of OSC Medical, I provide custom orthotic products which can be made with considerations of your specific foot condition in mind.

I have extensive experience working with patients of all ages dealing with a wide variety of orthopedic needs. I can fit clients with several different types of custom orthotics available depending on the specific condition being treated. Some common types of orthotics include arch supports, heel cushions, metatarsal pads, and toe spacers.

Bobby Ballesteros,
OSC Medical

Appointments Available Every Tuesday at Olathe Holistic

Call Bobby at 913 - 735 - 4765 

Client Success Stories...

I would definitely recommend Bobby for back/foot issues. I've had back, knee, and hip issues for years. Have worn orthotics for many years. I walked into Bobby's shop and he watched me approach and immediately diagnosed my problems. He made new orthotics for me, and fitted me in shoes that were very "stable" shoes and I returned one time for an adjustment and I feel so much better. He is very knowledgeable at assessing problems needing to be corrected.

- Elizabeth C.

Bobby gave me my freedom back. I have had foot problems for years and this latest round ended up with a major surgery and months in a wheelchair. When I was cleared to get back to walking, he looked at my whole situation: my shoes, my body, my overall health... then not only accommodated what I needed for an insert but identified things my doctors and I have been missing for years. He quickly made my orthotics and put me in an appropriate pair of shoes that were right the first time. I forgot how much I hurt. It has been literally decades since I felt this good. 

- George S.

I've had calf pain for months, I couldn't sleep at night because of leg cramps every night. I've got all kinds of tests done to make sure my nerves weren't damaged and every time the answer was, "Everything looks good". But I was always in pain. Then I met Bobby. As soon as I mentioned that I have pain in my legs, he knew what was going on and without me saying anything else, he knew exactly how I was feeling. When Bobby made me try these new pairs of shoes with correct measurements, my feet felt like I stepped on the clouds. Once I got my inserts for my shoes, I felt like my body was finally falling into the right puzzle pieces and I didn't feel broken anymore. 

Then I took my teenage daughter who plays soccer and has been doing physical therapy for a long time for knee issues. The right shoes and orthotics helped her feel better as well and she is much healthier now.

- Ruby R.

Appointments Available Every Tuesday at Olathe Holistic

Call Bobby at 913 - 735 - 4765 

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