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Swedish-Based Massage with
Sharon Friedman
Available Mondays at Olathe Holistic

If chronic pain, inflammation, and lost energy are holding you back from feeling your best, I invite you to schedule an appointment (or several!) with me. Using my Swedish massage techniques as well as myofascial stretching techniques, I can help ensure that any chronic pain or inflammation you're experiencing, as well as lost energy, doesn’t have to hold you back from feeling your best.

Sharon Friedman
Massage Therapist

Treat your tense muscles to a Swedish-based massage and add a soothing option!

Therapeutic Swedish Massage

60-Minute Session $80 | 90-Minute Session $110

Five basic techniques are used in Swedish massage to manipulate the body’s soft tissues and invigorate natural healing and circulation processes. Techniques include kneading, rolling, vibrations, percussion, and tapping. Friction is eliminated through the use of natural oils on the skin's surface, allowing restorative energy to flow naturally.



Add a Warm Bamboo Massage - $20

Warm bamboo massage provides a deep sense of relaxation and
well-being. Heated bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters promote circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic
drainage. This massage technique enhances deep-tissue therapeutic
and Earth massages.

Client Success Stories...

An injured shoulder led me to Sharon, and I am thankful for all of her help. My physical therapist said having a massage would help in the healing process. So far I have had three massages with her as I continue with physical therapy. Sharon is kind, considerate, and knowledgeable.  After each massage, I feel the tension in my muscles relax and the pain in my shoulder ease.

- Ellen P.

Sharon is exceptional at what she does. It's not your typical massage! She knows how the body works and is connected, and is able to go deeper and more thoroughly to alleviate the root of the problem. She is incredibly knowledgeable and utilizes that knowledge to offer additional support such as stretches that might help or breathing techniques. With Sharon, it is much more than a massage! She pays attention to detail, and that makes all the difference.

- Ruth W.

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